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(214) Jim
Mon, 18 January 2016 05:35:57 +0000

As a former club DJ, I can appreciate your mad skills on the turntables. You are artistry in motion on the turntables and mixer. Your tutorials are clear, precise and very informative. One can only imagine how many aspiring DJ's, and even those with experience, your tutorials have inspired to learn or master the art of turntablism. Here's wishing you the very best in all you do.

United States of America
(213) John Walsh
Wed, 13 January 2016 21:47:32 +0000

Just want to tell you how much you have inspired me since 2007. Your video's from that time got me really interested in the art form of Scratching, you teach in a way that is very easy to understand, unlike some "so called teachers" you know who i mean. I'm not hating on anyone in particular, but in my humble opinion your one of the best Scratch - Beat-juggling teachers on the net.
Many thanks to you DJ Angelo for your time, Peace & love to you my friend. John.

(212) Shakir Sutherland
Wed, 9 December 2015 20:22:06 +0000

Hey Angelo!!

In this video


I know it's called "2 audio - top billing", but what is the remix called?

United Kingdom
(211) Bea
Mon, 12 October 2015 19:56:42 +0000

Hey, thanks so much for the tutorials....they're so very helpful...Thanks and God bless

Fri, 18 September 2015 15:00:20 +0000

Hello mr dj

i love your work am Ugandan but based in Nairobi Kenya, would you please promote my song below are the links /you tube,'' AFTER HERE &THERE'' BY ISSUE DAVIDS

Be blessed

Fri, 18 September 2015 14:56:27 +0000

Hello mr dj

i love your work am ugandan but based in Nairobi kenya, would you please promote song below are the links /youtube

(208) Renaldo Reid
Mon, 24 August 2015 19:33:48 +0000

Hey Dj Angelo you are my favourite Dj in the hole world and I want to play music just like you when I get my controller in Christmas

(207) AZ DEEJAY 2yrs
Wed, 12 August 2015 23:30:47 +0000

Just needed to give thanks for dedicating your time to helping up incoming djs learn the fundamentals. I cant say enough about how instrumental your videos have been for my development. If your starting out and don't know any djs to learn from these tutorials are a godsend.

United States of America
(206) dj geoff
Mon, 10 August 2015 05:42:38 +0000

Hallo angelo!! Av been watching your scratching tutorials, and i
really appreciate your work, and i really mean it, i support ua work fully, may God bless you and your work, *** PEACE AND PROGRESS *** Kenya

Wed, 5 August 2015 21:37:00 +0000

good night dj angelo wanted to take a doubt with you if possible.
I learned that there would be on 22 August to the the over here in Brazil in the state of January rj river and how rumors run was wondering if this information is true or not

Thank you and success !!! peace


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