Mic check……one, two……testing….…one, two……..

If you’re reading this, it can only mean 2 things:

My new website has offically been launched….

…..and I’ve successfully posted my first ever blog!

It’s been a long time coming but after a hectic year, (and several character defining moments!) I’m delighted to welcome you all to my new online home. And as I say to all my friends, my house is your house so feel free to drop by anytime and hang out.

Now that I have an official website and blog, my poor neglected Myspace page can finally revert back to being a Myspace page (thats is, if anyone still cares for Myspace?!), and in addition to my YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter platforms, I now have a more central hub to make noise from!

More importantly, this blog will make it easier for me to share with you my latest news, thoughts, gig experiences, DJ tips, music I’m feeling, artists I’m rating, and any other relevant points of interest that impact on my world. Don’t forget that it’s also a great way for you to interact with me so if you have something you’d like to add to one of my blog posts, drop it in the comments box at the bottom of each page. Your input and opinions are always valued and may well have an influence on what I choose to write about in future. Popular subjects may even make it onto my FAQ page.

So once again, I sincerely welcome you to my new site. Stay tuned for more good stuff!

Peace and progress…


(newbie blogger)