Hi guys. I’m back to bring you 3 more Inspirational Turntable Performances. Hope you enjoyed Part 1. Check these out!

X-Ecutioners – Showcase at World DMC Finals 1999

Here’s a showcase from the USA’s legendary DJ crew, the X-ecutioners (previously known as the X-men) comprising from left to right – Mister Sinister, Total Eclipse, the late great Roc Raida (RIP), and Rob Swift. These 4 original members are all solo DJ champions so whenever they came together as the X-ecutioners, magic happened! I love how they play as a band, each having individual roles, and their ability to rock a party whilst displaying skill and letting all sounds breathe in the mix. This funky routine is one of my favourites of theirs and I loved the dope round-robin freestyle juggle the end!

 DJ Woody – ITF Showcase 2006

Over to the UK now for my man DJ Woody who is regarded as one of the most innovative and creative turntablists of all time. As a former World ITF champion, his previous routines are filled with originality and innovative ways of using turntables whilst still maintaining engaging and musical performances. He’s also coined for inventing his own scratch technique the “Woodpecker” which he demonstrates at the very end of this routine. Check out this ITF showcase where Woody scratches trumpets, juggles harps(?), and creatives something never seen before by using 2 needles on the same record!

 DJ Vajra – DMC Seattle Routine 2003 

The USA’s DJ Vajra recently returned to the battle circuit and scooped the current World DMC title but I feel this older routine from 2003 really shows what he’s capable of. Filmed in what appears to be his kitchen, he demonstrates clinical precision throughout this technical-yet-funky routine, particularly his drum-tight (!) turntable drumming at 1.55, and mind-blowing scratch solo at 4.30. It’s hard to believe he didn’t reach the World DMC Finals until 2011.

Stay tuned for Part 3… 🙂