Hey guys. I hope you’ve all had a great start to 2012. Recently, I’ve been getting questions around what actually inspires me, how I generate ideas, how I found my style etc. I’m privileged to hear almost everyday that my tutorials, performances, and mixes are inspiring to others but what really keeps me grounded is knowing that I’m no different to anyone else – I get inspired when I see something amazing, something beautiful, something innovative. I feel that what I’m doing is just passing on the inspiration in my own way. As they say, “energy is never lost, only transferred”.

Everyone has to start somewhere and personally, I’m thankful to countless DJs, musicians, and artists worldwide that showed me what I needed to see in order to discover and explore the art of DJing for myself. So in response to these queries, I’ve decided to dedicate the next few blog posts to just some of the incredible artists around the world from past and present, some of whom inspired me in the early days and some who continue to inspire me today. Enjoy…

DJ Craze – 1998 US DMC Final – the late 90s was a great era for Turntablism, period. This incredible winning routine from the USA’s DJ Craze remains as one of my favourites of all time and incorporates a perfect balance of everything I love – scratching, juggling, musicality, technicality, style, attitude, composition,  funk, entertainment. Loved the lyric-cutting on the intro, his ambidexterity, and the sheer variety in this performance. This routine would be hard to beat even today! 


DJ Noize – 1996 World DMC Final – This was one of the first battles I ever watched on VHS where Denmark’s DJ Noize took the World DMC title with this funky and highly entertaining routine. Noize was always known for his well thought out routines and here he demonstrates his solid skills, whilst telling telling a story, and keeping everything sounding smooth and engaging to the audience. I particularly enjoyed his humour, his variety of transitions between records, and his dope tone manipulation over Big Poppa at 1.40! 

DJ Kentaro – Live at Taico Club 2010 – Although Kentaro’s World DMC Winning routine is one of my favourites of all time, I feel this video truly represents what this he does best and how his live show has evolved since winning the world title in 2002. Rocking a festival/club whilst still showcasing world-class turntablism requires a real mastery of the craft and Japanese DJ Kentaro has his own unique style of doing this. He’s know for his tight beat juggling, 3-deck turntablism, and his many innovative ways of using the turntables to create music, not to just play it. 


Stay tuned for Part 2… 🙂