Which hand should I use for scratching?

When any DJ starts scratching, they naturally start on one side (like when we all picked up a crayon as a child). I think all turntablists wish they were great at scratching with both hands but very few actually are (DJ Craze is an example). The truth is, it takes so long and so much practice to get good at just one side so a lot of DJs focus on just the one side.‬

My personal preference is to control the record with my strongest hand (right) and control the crossfader with my weaker hand (left), but most right handed DJs I know scratch the opposite way to me. I regularly train my weaker hand to enable me to do more complicated routines and it’s a lifelong goal for me to get both sides to an equal skill level. I think it may help to learn all the techniques on one side first, then you’ll know how to apply them to the other side when you’re ready to do so.‬

If I was starting as a beginner now, I would make a habit of practicing everything on both sides and try to progress them at the same rate.

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