Where can I find scratch tools and samples for scratching?

There’s so much choice now for battle tools. It all depends on what kind of turntablist you are. ‬

If you’re more of a traditional turntablist looking for hip hop influenced stuff, I recommend DJ Babu’s – Super Duck Breaks (classic tool), DJ Craze – Bully Breaks, DJ Atrak – Ganster Breaks, and there’s plenty on the Dirtstyle label such as Thud Rumble’s – Needle Thrashers Alpha. ‬

If you’re more into the European sound of battle turntablism (synthetic electronic industrial techy stuff) you might wanna try stuff on the Breakz R Uz label by people such as DJ Peabird, DJ Clear etc. I’ve been told tools by DJ Tigerstle, Awekid & Muzzel, and I.E. Merg are good. ‬

It’s always useful to have a trusty skipless tool such as the highly popular, Q-Bert – Superseal. ‬

When I started DJing, DJ Rectangle was pretty much the only one making tools. He’s released a whole series of Battle Weapons which are great all-rounders – some classic familiar hop hop beats, tones, skipless sounds, and his trademark Kung Fu movie samples! ‬

For digital scratch tools (as well as digital music downloads), check the DJ Tools section on popular online stores‬ such as www.junodownload.com.

World DMC champion DJ Vajra has kindly put together a digital scratch tool for free download here:


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