How did you become a DJ?

I ‪started in the late 90s on the worst turntables known to man!‬ ‪Basically I built my own belt-drive decks from pieces of scrap wood, duck tape and turntable spares that cost me £25 each.‬ After being exposed to DJing by a school friend who had decks, I became fascinated with the possibilities of interacting with music by manipulating the vinyl and wanted to take my love of music to another level. I felt compelled to unravel the mysterious art DJing by myself  with no real purpose other than to satisfy my curiosity and to enjoy it.‪ I enjoyed it so much in fact that I never got bored and things came pretty naturally to me. I carried on DJing through school, university, and my first job (which sucked), and I even won a few DJ battles along with way. Finally in 2005, in order to save my soul from complete destruction, I ditched the job in finance and took a leap of faith. I’m privileged that things worked out, and I’m still not bored…‬

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