I want to get into Turntablism. What equipment should I buy?

‬As a general rule regarding DJ equipment – you always get what you pay for. If you can afford to, buy the best you can at every stage of your career. If however you’re on a budget like most beginners are, remember that turntablism is a technical and intense artform which can be very demanding on your equipment. Cheap entry-level turntables and mixers may seem like the best option, but in most cases, they are not built strongly enough to handle the rigours of turntablism. As an alternative to buying entry-level stuff brand new, you could also consider buying second hand professional-level gear which may be a better option at a similar cost.

With regards to turntables, The classic Technics 1200 or 1210 are a solid choice and they are the industry standard so 99% of the time, this is what DJs use in clubs and battles all over the world.‬ ‪Having said that, most direct drive turntables are pretty good these days such as those by Reloop, Vestax, Stanton or Numark  and may be a cheaper option than Technics. It’s important to choose a direct drive turntable as they provide a higher torque (turning power) than belt-driving turntables.‬

With regards to mixers, the bare minimum any turntablist needs is a robust 2-channel scratch mixer with durable faders. Again, check out mixers from different manufacturers such as those above. Most importantly, be sure that the mixer has a solid, loose crossfader with a curve adjustment to allow you to set it to a sharp cut-in. ‬

It’s always best to try equipment out before you buy because it’s hard to tell how they will “feel” just by looking at pictures and reading about them. If you can find a DJ store with knowledgable staff , they will be able to suggest a good package to meet your needs and budget. www.djstore.com is a good online DJ store which has a lot of customer reviews on most of the products so you can get some opinions before you buy something. ‬

Check out my video: Turntable Tutorial 1 – Getting Started In Turntablism for further information.

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