How long will it take for me to become good at scratching?

Turntablism is an artform that can take a lifetime to master, just like Kung Fu!‬

You have to spend as much time as YOU need to. Seriously. There is no other answer I can give you. Everyone learns at a different pace so practice as much or as little as you want to but obviously, the more you put in, the more you will get out.‬

Scratching (in particular) requires your hands to move in a way they are not used to moving so it will take time to “condition” them. Remember, there was a time when you couldn’t use your hands to write but with practice and repetition your hands will be able to do anything.‪

There’s 2 things that need developing – Strength and Coordination.‬

‪Strip things down to the very basics and only scratch at the speed that your hands can cope with for now. As long as your are dedicated and practice daily, you will notice improvements. Whenever the scratch becomes comfortable, keep challenging your hands by gradually increasing the speed of the beat you scratch to the complexity of the scratches you try to perform. You need to put your hands through stress so that they will grow stronger – just like weight training.‬

The reason most people fail at scratching is because they try to rush the learning process. Its easy to watch people like Qbert and think that level of skill can be achieved instantly but some of the best scratchers have been practicing for 10-20 years. A little practice everyday will add up.‬

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