Any tips for a beginner scratch DJ?

Work on mastering every individual technique – baby scratch, tear, drop, cutting, transforming, chirp, stab etc. Make sure you can execute every technique perfectly in time before trying to learn more advanced ones. ‪Timing is far more important than trying to scratch fast. Practice on getting your scratches to sound clean and sharp over a slow beat first. Then try them over a range of different speed beats. ‬

Try and come up with as many patterns as you can to avoid your scratching becoming repetitive sounding. Scratching is just like learning a language with your hands, and these patterns are your sentences. The more different sentences you can do, the better you can speak with your hands. Maybe even write them on paper first, then see if you can do them on the decks. It’s easy to do the same patterns all the time so this will push you to step out of your comfort zone and come up with fresh stuff.

Don’t rush things. Scratching cannot be mastered quickly but try and be on your decks every day. Even if it’s only half an hour. You will definitely see improvement every time.

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