There are few that can do what DJ Angelo does so well.

DJ Angelo’s reputation as one of the world’s most respected and versatile DJs continues to spread across the globe…

From local hero to internationally-acclaimed DJ idol – the past few years have seen Angelo perform across every continent of the world, entertaining huge festival audiences, and sharing stages alongside some of the music industry’s elite. As not only an exciting performance DJ, Angelo is also a busy content creator for many global brands and an active educator in DJ culture – releasing his own “Turntablist On Tour” products, which include his innovative USB Turntable Training Tool. His tireless commitment to preserving and furthering the art of “real DJing” is matched only by his ambition to entertain wider audiences and to showcase his creative vision on bigger platforms.

With almost 20 years experience, a string of DJ accoldades, and the relentless determination to perfect his craft, Angelo deservedly holds a place as one of the world’s most respected and “complete DJs” – successfully straddling the complex arenas of Club DJing, Turntablism, Exclusive Parties, DJ Product Consultancy, remix/production, and much more. DJ Angelo’s appeal is universal, and with support all over the world (including over 14 million YouTube views), he is no stranger to rocking superclubs, festivals, high-profile events, and underground parties on a global scale.

His memorable performances exude originality, intelligence, and the musical cohesion that only an experienced DJ could execute.

Without compromising his style or integrity, DJ Angelo fuses the musical with the technical, the accessible with the credible, and he is capable of keeping both his dancefloors alight and his spectators in a state of awe. In his element, you can expect nothing but great selections, expertly mixed, with the occasional explosion of his trademark turntable mastery – validating exactly why he’s won national championship titles, attracted a loyal global fanbase, and earned the respect of the Industry’s elite.

Burma-born, UK-raised, and driven by an inherent passion to entertain others, DJ Angelo’s humble beginnings on homemade turntables, gave him the grounding to strive and become the globally-acclaimed DJing sensation he is today. Not satisfied as being labelled as only a “scratch DJ”, Angelo invested years into his craft, researching genres and the art of orchestrating emotions through music, all in aid of honing a unique style and brand of entertainment which he entitles Feel Good Fusion.

Indeed, his diverse DJing abilities and showmanship have seen him feature on BBC Radio broadcasts, and sharing stages alongside the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, Public Enemy, Jazzy Jeff, Pete Tong, DJ Yoda, Example, Krafty Kuts, Jaguar Skills, Jay Sean, Estelle, and G Unit. Inevitably, DJ Angelo’s consistent professionalism and ability to cater for wide audiences caught the eye of a number of global brands including Google, Red Bull, Smirnoff, Samsung, Absolut, Nokia, Casio, and Bentley Motors who have all benefited by his refreshing sound and talent.

DJ Angelo’s popularity may be soaring but his love for great music and pride in his art, ensures that he never becomes complacent. As the music scene keeps evolving and genres continue to blur, Angelo stays in focus to exceed the expectations of his ever-growing audiences on an international scale.

TODAY is a perfect time for a DJ like Angelo…