Mashup Alert! – Biggie vs Snoop (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Cover (BIGGIE vs SNOOP) 1280

I’ve been up to my old mashup tricks again and a new audio/visual creation has emerged from the dark corners of my mind (and the darkest corners of my studio). The track didn’t necessarily need a video to accompany it, but as it’s been a long time since I did Somebody Else’s Golddigger, I thought I’d take the opportunity to flex my mashup muscles again.

Not only does this new creation feature my favourite rapper of all time, The Notorious B.I.G. – I’ve also put a twist on my favourite track of his, “Big Poppa’. I’ve been meaning to do something with the track for some time now but because the chorus is missing in the only available acapella, I knew I had to be a little bit creative in filling the space.  I was also waiting for inspiration to hit me in terms of a beat which pleasantly came in the form of a great instrumental called “Effigy” by France’s Stereoheroes. As soon as I heard the bass-heavy hip hop beat, I couldn’t think of anyone better suited for it than Biggie. So in an attempt to fill the empty chorus part, I experimented with various other samples and although it was completely unplanned, what I’ve ended up with is some unofficial tribute / duet between Snoop Dogg and Biggie by weaving parts of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” into “Big Poppa” as well a range of different vocal snippets from both of their collections. The title of this mashup was of course a no-brainer :)

I like to think if Biggie was still alive, he’d be rocking tunes like this and I’m sure he would have sounded great on a track together with Snoop.

Anyway I hope you feel the track and enjoy the video, which I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for the poor resolution – it’s not easy to find good quality 1990’s hip hop music videos.

The track is yours as a free download but please share it (or the video) if you do download it, or alternatively, leave a comment on the track if you have a Soundcloud account (or all of the above if you’re feeling extra kind!)




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